Bluetooth RS232 adapter with internal chip antenna

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 PDA, POS, Smartphone
 Receipt printer
 Bar code reader, RFID reader, IC card reader, MSR card reader
 PLC, CNC machine
 Robot, UAV
 SCADA, data collector

Power supply: (choose one)
1. Mini USB (5V DC)
2. External Battery (3~5V DC)
3. Pin 9 of DB9 (5V DC)Specifications:
1. Baud Rate: Supports 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.8/921.6 Kbps
2. Coverage: Up to 100 m
3. Connection: Point-to-point (pico net)
4. Signal: TxD, RxD, GND, CTS/RTS
5. RS-232 Interface: D_SUB 9-pin female
6. Standard: Bluetooth specification version 2.0+EDR
7. Profiles: Serial Port Profile
8. Data Bit: 8 bit
9. Frequency: 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz
10. Hopping: 1,600/sec, 1MHz channel space
11. Modulation: GFSK-1 Mbps, DQPSK-2 Mbps, and 8-DPSK-3 Mbps
12. Tx. Power: Max. 18 dBm (Class 1)
13. Rx. Sensitivity: -86 dBm typical
14. Antenna: Chip antenna or SMA female + external antenna
15. Antenna Gain: Chip antenna max. 1 to 2 dBi
16. Power Supply: +5 to +6 V DC
17. Current Consumption: Max. 90 mA
18. Operation Temperature: -20 to +75 Centigrade Degrees
19. Dimensions: 35 mm (W) x 45 mm (H) x 15 mm (D)
Remark: All contents are subject to change without notice.Accessories: (Optional)
1. Power adapter
2. USB battery box
3. High Gain Dipole Antenna (Indoor or Outdoor)
4. RF extended Cable (SMA to SMA)
5. USB to RS-232 Cable
6. DB9 Male to Male gender changer
7. Mini USB to USB Cable

Order information:

Part No. Description
BT-232B Bluetooth RS-232 adapter with internal chip antenna
BT-232B-E Bluetooth RS-232 adapter with external dipole antenna
APP Android APP or PC software
Accessories  DB9 male to male gender changer
 USB power adapter (US type)
 USB to RS-232 cable (FTDI, Male, NUT)
 USB battery box (AA x 2, not included)
 5 dBi dipole antenna or high gain antenna
 Waterproof or directional panel antenna
OEM  Customized default value: baud rate, parity, stop bit, flow control, pin
code, device name
 Customized color or printing of the plastic housing
 Customized the box or accessories
ODM module or end product design and manufacturing